The North West Labour History Society

The North West Labour History Society (NWLH) promotes greater knowledge of the rich, radical, labour history from the North West of England.

The society celebrates our history - which includes events and movements such as Peterloo, Chartism, the growth of trade unionism, the Irish community in the NW, Votes for Women, the formation of Socialist organisations, opposition to war, the General Strike, the International brigades and the fight against the Blackshirts, to name just a few.

We hold meetings, host book launches and run stalls at events. We produce a Journal each year packed with articles on our Working Class History. We tell the stories of ordinary people, extraordinary events and insights into the creation of working class organisations – all written by our members and friends.

In fact, we welcome all who have an interest in working class history to send us an article, from academics to trade unionists. The North West Labour History Society is proud to be the only organisation publishing the work of unknown historians and welcoming new work.

Join us at the North West Labour History Society as we continue to publish and promote the real histories and stories of ordinary working men and women - people who have worked together to improve their working conditions, and their quality of life.

Our member’s subscriptions keep us going. You can join us and help to ensure our future by becoming a member. You will receive a complimentary back issue together with a copy of the current Journal.