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issue number:
19 1994

IN FEBRUARY 1914, the Co-operative News carried an article titled "The Cinema: Should it be used for Co-operative purposes?".

issue number:
12 1987

Hannah Mitchell ("Daisy Nook") was one of Manchester's best loved councilĀ­lors, and an active socialist and feminist in the inter-war years. In between her council work and campaigning for the I.L.P. she wrote a series of Lancashire dialect sketches for the I.L.P.'s paper, Labour's Northern Voices. Two of these, "Women's Work" and "Spring Cleaning" are re-published below. Reference to Hannah Mitchell's work in housing is given in the accompanying article, "Ideology in Bricks and Mortar".

issue number:
18 1993

THE BLACKSHIRT RALLY at King's Hall, Belle Vue in February 1933 marked a new phase in the development of bullying and intimidation by the blackshirts. There had been about two or three big Blackshirt meetings in Manchester prior to the King's Hall rally. From the start Mosley had shown his ambition to hold a monster meeting. At the previous free Trade hall meetings his strong arm tactics were tried out, but he had failed to hold any meetings outdoors of any size because of opposition from anti-fascists.